What is the Uni Star Singer Songwriter competition?

What is Uni Star Singer Songwriter?

Uni Star Singer Songwriter is a music talent contest aimed at 16 to 21 year olds, which encourages young people to show off their talent and helps them to build their confidence through performance.

This year we'll be visiting universities throughout the UK to find a new champion, with the winner being offered the chance to record a track with an experienced producer, which can then be played on our next tour.

All participants are also given the opportunity to enter into a development programme where they will receive coaching and be able to work with our team of producers to develop one or more demo tracks that they can then use to help promote themselves.

How the competition works 

​Contestants will be required to sing either a cover or original track, then be interviewed on radio by our presenters.


Finalists from the university tour competition will be selected by judges to meet and compete in the grand final at a recording studio.  The winner is then selected by the same judges of the competition that year and receives the opportunity to record a demo track with a producer, which they will then be able to sing or have played on our tour the following year. 

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