Unleash your singing and songwriting talent with our music clinics

No-one likes being stuck indoors with nothing to do. That's why we've decided to create a free music clinic especially for young artists that they can access from the safety of their home.


Being at home brings major opportunities for artists to expand on their creativity as they have the world of social media at their fingertips.  Progression and development are very important at this critical time. 


The music clinic will give artists opportunities to discuss promotional plans, their song writing, concepts and influences in their music. Sessions wil be held daily by Amanda Neale Monday through to Friday between the hours of 12 midday and 4pm.  This is for JSS artists present and new.   


Artists can book their sessions for a maximum of 30 mins allowing no more than one session per day. 

If you're interested in booking sessions in the music clinic, please email amanda.mmmisbest@yahoo.co.uk with details of the days and times you are interested in plus your contact telephone number. 


If there are any clashes with other artists, we will let you know so we can rearrange the session in advance.  Music clinic sessions are arranged on FaceTime.


Please see our guidelines below:



  • A legal guardian or parent must email if the child is under 16 to book sessions 

  • Sessions are limited to a maximum of one session per day per artist


  • Make sure you are in a quiet area 


  • Bring preparation with you of any songs you have started


  • Bring a list of questions if you need to ask anything


  • Have access to an additional screen if possible besides the one that you are FaceTime with - so that you can look up any concepts for music whilst in your session.

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© 2020 Junior Star Singer Songwriter

© 2020 Junior Star Singer Songwriter