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The Junior Star Singer Songwriter mentoring programme is a chance to develop your skills as a young songwriter and performer. Run by experienced music mentor Amanda Neale, the programme combines one-to-one open discussions on songwriting theories, comparisons and influences and teaching of the skills needed to improve and refine your singing techniques.

Progress counts towards the development of a first demo with a professional music producer who has worked with high profile artists. The programme is built on the success of the Junior Star Singer Songwriter radio tours originally started in 2016. We are currently working with many of the artists discovered from the tours to help them develop their musical careers.

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Junior Star Singer Songwriter is an initiative aimed at helping young people aged 10 to 16 to develop their singing and songwriting talents. Created by Amanda Neale, the initiative is based on a competition that has been running since 2015, with entrants participating on local radio stations around the UK.

To find out what you could get out of taking part, watch our new video below, which features interviews with some of our previous contestants talking about how their lives have been changed by Junior Star Singer Songwriter.

What is Junior Star Singer Songwriter?

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