Junior Star Singer 2016 best vocalist Kasey-Wray interviewed on Sheffield Live TV

JSS 2016 Best Vocalist, Kasey-Wray Wooderson, was interviewed by Shamaan Powell of Sheffield Live TV about her experiences during the Junior Star Singer Songwriter 2016 competition

Kasey- Wray Wooderson, our finalist in the Best Vocalist category for Junior Star Singer 2016 appeared on Sheffield Live TV on Friday 20th January for an interview with Regional TV presenter Shamaan Powell.  She talked about her success with Junior Star Singer, her passion for singing and how she is looking forward to being part of the 2017 tour.  


After securing a place in the 2016 final in December, and competing with other finalists from radio stations nationwide, Kasey-Wray zoomed to the top.  She is about to embark on a whirlwind journey now with Junior Star Singer as her track will appear on 20 radio stations this year.  


Kasey has already appeared at the Regional Youth Music Awards in Bristol and on BBC radio.  Look out for her later in the year on the Junior Star Singer Radio Tour 2017, where she will be singing live and will also be interviewed about her experiences.