Junior Star Singer Songwriter appoints its first ever junior judge

Our new junior judge, Georgia Lois as she looks now, above, and as a contestant in Junior Star Factor in 2011

In an unusual twist to this year's radio tour, we've appointed our first ever junior judge. Georgia Lois, aged 15, originally entered the competition when it was known as Junior Star Factor, in the days before it came on to radio.


Georgia Lois entered in 2011 singing her rendition of 'Love Story', and stormed through to the semi-finals at the young age of 10.  Check out this picture of Georgia when she entered taken on the day looking like a young Britney Spears!!  


She has since been mentored by Amanda Neale and after producing her demo is now writing her new tracks towards her first EP.  In 2016 Georgia toured on the Junior Star Singer Radio Tour going across radio stations in the UK singing songs from her demo.  


2017 brings an exciting new experience for Georgia as she will be Junior Judge for the tour, giving her valuable expertise to contestants across 20 stations.  She can't wait to meet them all and hear what talent they have to offer to the listeners.  She says 'Be yourself, it's ok to be different.  Once you are on your way to success, you'll never look back.'


Listen out for future material from Georgia on her website www.georgialoisjss.com.