Billy & Louie have been using their time during lockdown to work on a new song inspired by Spanish music. We talk to the boys to find out what inspired them.

Billy & Louie take a new track with Spanish-inspired song

We were very excited to release our brand new Spanish inspired single called ‘Rosa’ in summer 2020. After our successful releases in 2020 and 2019, we decided to write and produce something completely out of our comfort zone!

We are both very inspired by Spanish and Latino culture and music and we wanted to create something that revolved around our love for Spanish music and took us back to our holidays in Spain, where we watched and listened to live Spanish music and flamenco dancing. We just love the vibe of Spanish music and the atmosphere of it when played live. We also love Reggeaton music which merges reggae sounds with Latin music. We love the beat and energy of this music and also wanted to incorporate some elements from this genre too!

The song is about a story that takes inspiration from a person in our life. It is almost a dramatisation of a relationship we have with someone but it created the basis of our song Rosa! The lyrics tell the story of a woman called Rosa who leaves her life in England to move back to Spain. She leaves a man who fell in love with her during her time in England and we take the character of the man in the song. The lyrics are partly in Spanish and partly in English which was a challenge for us to write and record but we collaborated with several friends who speak Spanish to help us with the pronunciation of the lyrics.

We produced it entirely ourselves, this time emphasising on vocal productions and making sure the vocals were the clearest and strongest element of the song. We also used live instrumentation with Billy playing an old Spanish guitar that our Grandad let us borrow and we were able to record some live guitar riffs.