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With Covid-19 restrictions putting a stop to live performances, Billy & Louie went online as part of a virtual gig organised by BBC Wiltshire. We talk to the boys about their experience.

Billy & Louie rock a virtual Christmas

Billy - The BBC Wiltshire virtual Christmas gig was a great experience! It was great to record two of our favourite Christmas classics and have them played on air at the event! We feel privileged that BBC Wiltshire have supported us as local artists and continue to support us as well.


Louie - we love Christmas so much so this opportunity felt perfect for us and it was! We put our own spin on both Holy Night and Wham's 'Last Christmas', arranging the songs to suit our style and adding in as many harmonies and add libs as humanly possible! Even recording the songs we felt really festive. Although this year has been challenging, our Christmas spirit certainly wasn’t compromised. 


Billy - it was great to hear the other artists from Wiltshire and celebrate the amazing talent we have to offer. We believe that Christmas music is one of the most significant elements of Christmas and it was great to unite with other singers virtually to spread some Christmas cheer! 


Louie - Christmas definitely brought out the creativity in us! For this event we decided to arrange the songs we sang in a very different way.  We completely changed the classic 80s version of a Last Christmas to a more acoustic ballad version which we really got into. We expect this version will appear frequently in our future Christmas sets!